Sunday, May 11, 2014

More crap coming to Roosevelt Ave

From Brownstoner Queens:

Here’s what’s coming for 136-72 Roosevelt Avenue, between Main and Union Streets in Flushing. New York IMBY snagged the rendering, which is by the architect Raymond Chan. The developer is Flushing Kent Realty Corp.

The developers haven’t filed anything with the Department of Buildings yet, but Raymond Chan’s website says it will be two 14-story towers spanning 300,000 square feet. The parcel is an irregular U-shaped lot, with a total of 43,500 square feet.


J said...

it's like a leper colony for hipsters.

Anonymous said...

Oh gee, will Jimmy Van Bramer get his shorts in a a tizzy cause this will make the 7 train unboardable in his district?

I love how he wastes our time on trumpeting the rights of the transients who are stupid enough to move next to a noisy train-yard.

He distributes money in his district not on it benefit to the residents, but earmarks it for those that are under the thumb of developers.

Goes a long way to explain the wasteland of culture in Queens.

Anonymous said...

it's like a leper colony for hipsters.

wha? this is not the East River waterfront. these are barracks for faceless drones in the service and tech industries.

Anonymous said...

Great looking forward to more traffic and congestion in downtown Flushing! Recently articles have given light to concerns with traffic conditions in Flushing. So lets just keep building, yea great idea that will help. This small area of downtown Flushing can not handle all this development. And it is not stopping. Peter Koo pretends he cares. But he is not saying or doing anything about this out of control and out of character development. It is just crazy what is being allowed and the zoning needs to be reconsidered to downsizing. Asap.

Anonymous said...

Franklin Delame-o Redbelt was all crap himself